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Frankfurt Airport - Terminal 1 - Gate Z 25

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To gain access to MY CLOUD Transit Hotel you need a valid passport as well as a valid boarding pass.
Due to the current situation, you are also able to stay at the hotel when travelling within the Schengen area.
Normally you need a valid boarding pass for an incoming or outgoing flight outside the Schengen area.

If you have general questions about your booking or the hotel, have a look at our „FAQ“ page.

bookable by the hour 3 - 24 h
no visa needed
service around the clock
entry only between 5 am - 10 pm
at least one non-schengen-flight
rooms: approx. 10m²
no cash payment, card payment only
only carry-on baggage

MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

The airport hotel is located in the transit area of the airport in Terminal 1, Gate Z25 - behind the security checkpoint.

International passengers (with at least one non-schengen flight) can check-in without having to leave the transit area. This saves you time-consuming immigration formalities. The hourly booking of the room (from 3 hours to maximum of 24 hours) also enables a maximum of flexibility.

The airport hotel is the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries during your layover. The location in the terminal building guarentees a fast route to boarding and the connecting flight.

Pets are not allowed.

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Rooms in the airport hotel

The MY CLOUD Transit Hotel offers 59 rooms of approx. 10m² each. Many of them with an exclusive view of the apron.

Room facilities:

  • Comfortable queen-size bed (140 cm x 200 cm)
  • Writing desk
  • Flat screen TV
  • Shower room with hair dryer and complementary toiletries
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioning

Stay a few hours or as long as you like – without leaving the transit area.

Private rooms inside the airport from 84€ - Book with our best price guarentee!


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Airporthotel Reception Hotel Frankfurt Airport

Check-in & Check-out at MY CLOUD

Check-in and check-out at our airport hotel is possible from 5 am to 10 pm. Outside these times, the security area at Frankfurt airport is closed. You can then neither enter nor leave the transit area.

All you need is a valid flight ticket for an arrival or departure flight outside the Schengen area and your passport to check in at the MY CLOUD Transit Hotel.

Please note that you only have access to your hand luggage in the transit area. Pets are not allowed.

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Service machines, where you can find snacks, cold drinks and ice cream are available for you in our lobby.

Enjoy the wonderful view of the airport’s maneuvering field and runaway in our seating area while having a cup of our complimentary coffee or tea.

Our friendly reception staff will be happy to provide you with everyday utensils for your stay at the MY CLOUD Transit Hotel, from toothbrushes to cosmetics. You can also easily purchase adapters or travel chargers here.

Hotel details

Snacks Seatingoptions
Bird's eye view Frankfurt am Main

Your way to the MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

Our terminal hotel is accessible from all levels of the transit area. Depending on the arrival terminal, you can reach us on foot or via the Skyline train.

Passengers arriving at Pier A or Z follow the signs (Frankfurt Airport signage system) in the direction of Pier Z, Gate 25. All other passengers (piers B, C, D, E) should use the SkyLine train, exit at pier Z and follow the signs towards gate Z25.

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The numerous cafés, restaurants and bars at Frankfurt Airport offer a wide range of dishes from all over the world. You can get snacks or a quick meal at a simple fast-food restaurant or enjoy German, Asian or Mediterranean cuisine.

Our guests do not have to leave the transit area to go shopping either. In addition to shops for everyday needs, you will find branches of many well-known brand manufacturers at Frankfurt Airport.

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Hustle and bustle at Frankfurt Airport

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If you have questions regarding your booking, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you at any time. Contact us right away and start planning your journey or inform us about your upcoming check-in.


MY CLOUD Transit Hotel
Terminal 1 / Gate Z 25
60549 Frankfurt am Main / Airport